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Y’s Women Membership Form

July 2023 - June 2024



                                                                                           Date ______________________

Name ______________________________________________________________________

Address ___________________________________________________________________

Telephone ______________________________    Cell __________________________

Email _____________________________________________________________________


Dues are $55 a year.

Make your check payable to Y’s Women.

Your dues must be paid by October 31, 2023 to be listed in the new Membership Roster.

If you join after March 31, 2024 your dues are in effect through June 2025.

Membership is free after age 90. Simply indicate that you qualify on your membership form.

To join Y’s Women or renew your membership, send this form and your $55 check to Doris Levinson, 6 Beechwood Lane, Westport, CT 06880.


Which of these Y’s Women activities do you expect to participate in?

______ Twice-monthly meetings ______ Memoir writing group

______ Book group         ______ Movie group

______ Day trips                 ______ NewsTalk

______ Spring party         ______ New Yorker discussion group

______ Investment group ______ Solos social group

______ Lunch with Trivia games ______ Tai Ji group

______ Mah Jong group

How did you hear about Y’s Women?



For membership questions, contact Doris Levinson at drjlevinson@gmail.com or 227-3371.