General Meetings


Open to members and their guests

Place:     Green’s Farms Church, 71 Hillandale Road, Westport

10:45 am    Coffee and Conversation

11:30 am    Meeting and Speaker

NOTE: Extra parking is available in front of the large lot on the grass and across the street in front of the Minister’s house.

October 9 – Martin Yellin, Cancer Treatment Update: Real Progress at Last!

With Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Electrical Engineering, Dr. Martin Yellin helped design and manage the Hubble Space Telescope, the most productive space instrument ever built. He went on to get his doctorate in Biomedical Engineering, applying engineering solutions to work in the fields of genetics and cell biology as a consultant studying cancer and reversing the aging process. He will share with us the latest data on these fields in this presentation.

In 1970, President Nixon declared war on cancer. At that time more than 600,000 American died from cancer each year. In spite of the development of many drugs over the last 50 years, 600,000 Americans still died of cancer in 2022. But now we have begun to establish new immunotherapy treatments that have finally enabled our own immune system to kill most cancers in our body. Work is progressing so that it is possible that most, if not all, cancers may be curable in the next 10-20 years.

October 23 – Alan Neigher, First Amendment and Censorship: Lessons from the Past


Alan Neigher has practiced law in Westport since 1980, representing numerous media organizations in cases involving defamation and newsroom access. In this presentation, he will discuss the origins of the First Amendment and what it means today. He will review restrictions on freedom of expression through governmental and non-governmental action, libel and slander, and copyright restrictions. He will also cover challenged materials in school and public libraries and the visual arts, language taboos in religion and politics, and the direction American law is taking on freedom of expression.

A graduate of Colby College and Boston College Law School, Alan specializes in media, entertainment, and intellectual property law. His clients include daily and weekly newspapers, broadcast facilities, film production companies, publishers, and performing talent. He served as Vice Chair of the Connecticut Film Commission from 1992-1995 and was President of the Board of Directors of the Fairfield Theatre Company upon its opening in 2004. He is a member of the Board of the Fairfield Museum and Historical Society and the Klein Memorial. 



Please take a moment to renew your Y’s Women membership. You must be a current member of Y’s Women to attend meetings and participate in all satellite groups. Send your dues by October 31st to be in the new Membership Roster. Write a $55 check to Y’s Women, and send it to Doris Levinson at 6 Beechwood Lane, Westport, CT 06880. You can also renew your membership at the General Meetings on October 11th and 25th. Click here for the Membership Form. 

Two New Committees to Be Formed

We are looking to form two new committees that will enhance and facilitate our organization:

Speaker Committee: Members will suggest future speakers who will appeal to a cross-section of our organization. They may on occasion vet their talks in advance and help acquire contact information to submit to Vera DeStefano, VP / Programs, who contacts potential speakers.

Technology Committee: We are seeking members who are skilled in technology to help set up speakers’ Powerpoint presentations and communicate with our future web designer.


If you’re interested in joining one of these committees, please contact Polly Temple at, 293-4688 (home), or 997-5153 (cell).