General Meetings

In her recent email to all Y’s Women, our new President, Barb Stephen, told you about the new system we will be using to hold our October and November general meetings online. The system, which has been recently installed by Temple Israel, uses a high-definition two-camera webcasting program that should provide excellent acoustics as well as visual clarity. Barb and Margaret Mitchell, our new Vice President/Programs, will be with the speaker and will be able to take questions by email to be answered after the presentation. We will be sending you more specific information later on explaining how to access these meetings on your computer. Meanwhile, we are extremely grateful to Temple Israel and Rabbi Friedman for making it possible to hold our meetings in this manner until we can get together again in person.

October 12 at 11:30 am - James Naughton

James Naughton is an actor and director with a wide range of accomplishments in live theater, movies, and television. He is probably best known for his leading roles in both Broadway’s City of Angels and Chicago, for which he received Tony Awards for Best Actor in a Musical.

Jim’s films include The Paper Chase and The First Wives Club, among many others, and he has starred in numerous television programs over the decades. He is a frequent narrator on PBS television’s Nature series, and has been the official voice of Audi in the US since 2007. 

Jim has also directed several plays, including the 2002 revival of Thornton Wilder’s Our Town, starring his close personal friend Paul Newman. 

We welcome Jim back to Y’s Women to share his many and varied experiences, and look forward to his interesting, entertaining, and informative observations about life at this unique time in history.

October 26 at 11:30 am - Joe Meyers

Joe Meyers is a film and literary critic who has spent his life immersed in movies, theater, and books.  He has held many positions including features writer for the Hearst Media Group, and is currently the Director of Programming for Focus on French Cinema. Joe is a frequent guest on panels discussing all aspects of the movie industry. He also works as a freelance journalist, editor, and podcaster. In 2012, he received the Ellery Queen Award for his writing on crime fiction from Mystery Writers of America.

We are pleased that Joe will share his knowledge and experience with the Y’s Women by discussing the many changes in the movie industry – where we watch movies, when we watch movies, the devices used to watch movies, and the types of movies available to us today. He will address changes in the viewing habits of movie audiences and the priorities of the movie industry, some of which have been occurring for decades and others taking on new meaning as we all adjust to the dramatic changes of 2020.