Trips coming up!

Join the Y’s Women and spend the day in Beautiful Brooklyn. The first stop is a guided tour of The Brooklyn Museum of Art, which exhibits collections that seek to embody the rich artistic heritage of world cultures. From the Museum we will head to the well-loved Brooklyn classic Juniors Restaurant, for lunch with pre-selected entrees. Following lunch we will visit the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, a very special place that contains a large number of specialty “gardens within the Garden” plant collections. The total cost for the day is $129 per person, all inclusive. Detailed flyers are available at the General Meetings or by contacting Pat Farmer. The trip to Brooklyn will be a WONDERFUL trip.  All of the venues are very special, and our group has not been there for several years. Please give thought and consideration to being a part of this group.

PORTUGAL IN DEPTH: 11-DAY TOUR, September 12-23
This in-depth land tour of Portugal begins and ends in Lisbon and circles the country. Several Y’s Women members have sighed up for this exciting trip, which is being offered through Westport-based Travel Exchange. Our travel contacts are Fran Thomas and Dorothy Fox, both Y’s Women. They may be reached at 221-3500. If you are interested in the trip, contact Fran or Dorothy and they will be able to give you all the details.

Please fill out the Questionnaire included on the following page of this newsletter. The Travel Committee is trying hard to develop trips of interest for many people, and your input is important to us.

Detailed flyers for all trips are available at the Y’s Women's General Meetings or by contacting Pat Farmer at 227-3076 or If you are unable to attend a meeting and want a flyer, please contact Pat and she can mail you one either electronically or by snail mail. Many thanks!

Y’s Women Trips & Travel Questionnaire 2019

Many of our members have expressed interest in more trips and travel selections. Increasing interaction and friendship among our members is one of the Y’s Women’s major goals, and these trips offer excellent opportunities for fulfilling this goal. As we explore potential new offerings, we would very much appreciate your input by completing this questionnaire.

1.  Have you participated in any Y’s Women trips?  O Yes       O No     
      If you have not participated in any trips, why not?

2.  Would you be interested in day trips?   O Yes       O No   
3.  Would you be interested in trips that include overnight stays?  O Yes       O No   
      If yes:  O one night       O two nights ?       O longer      (check all that apply)

4.  We are considering many new destinations, among them the following. Please check any of these that might interest you:

- Grand Central Station Tour
- Lincoln Center Backstage Tour and Rehearsal
- Theodore Roosevelt Home in Cold Springs
- Broadway History Bus Tour
- Roosevelt Island
- United Nations
- Radio City Backstage
- Thimble Islands

We welcome your suggestions for other trips. Please list up to three that might be of interest:

5.  Do you have any physical limitations that prevent you from participating in trips?  O Yes   O No

6.  Are there other trip providers with whom you are participating?  Please list:

7.  Would you be interested in helping to plan or organize future trips?  O Yes       O No

8.  Do you have any additional comments to share?

Name  ____________________________    Email_______________________ Phone____________

Please return questionnaire to:  The Y’s Women,  P.O. Box 53, Westport, CT 06881-0053