Trips coming up!

THIMBLE ISLANDS: Thursday, July 11
Join us for the Y’s Women trip to the Thimble Islands, including a two-hour guided boat tour. We will take a bus from Westport, make a stop at Branford’s Bishops Orchards (which includes a winery), stop for lunch at The Chowder Pot III, then enjoy our two-hour island cruise. The price is $84 per person all-inclusive. A detailed flyer will be emailed soon, and you may contact Jennifer Barron at or 227-5264 for more information.  This trip is sure to be a sell-out, so sign-up early!

PORTUGAL IN DEPTH: 11-DAY TOUR, September 12-23
This in-depth land tour of Portugal begins and ends in Lisbon and circles the country. Several Y’s Women members have sighed up for this exciting trip, which is being offered through Westport-based Travel Exchange. Our travel contacts are Fran Thomas and Dorothy Fox, both Y’s Women. They may be reached at 221-3500. If you are interested in the trip, contact Fran or Dorothy and they will be able to give you all the details.